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Official photos are by appointment only and available for:
- Official use as required by AFI
- Applications for promotion, special duty assignments, passports for official business for personnel stationed at RAF Mildenhall

Chain-of-command photo prints will be provided for:
- Base leadership
- Squadron-level and above (Commander, Deputy/Vice commander, Command chief and First sergeant)
- Quarterly and Annual award WINNERS at Group & Wing-level and above

Electronic copies of official photos will be EMAILED to ALL requestors
- Requestors REQUIRING a PRINTED copy should confirm the SIZE PRIOR to their appt. and provide WRITTEN JUSTIFICATION of the requirement
- Studio only provides 5x7 or 8x10 glossy prints

All studio appts. must ensure their uniform is READY and SERVICEABLE before their appointment
- If the uniform is not ready by the scheduled time, you will be forced to reschedule for another day/time
- It is your responsibility to ensure uniform, badges, ribbons, devices and accessories meet or exceed AFI 36-2903, Dress & Appearance

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